About Me

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I'm Zach and I have a passion for travel and photography. Having moved to Hong Kong a few years ago, I've spent much of my time traveling in Asia. I've put this website together to share my experiences and hopefully inspire others to travel to lesser known places in Asia.

Traveling is my way to experience different cultures and ways of living (yes, this includes food). I'm not a big fan of beach resort travel nor am I a luxury traveler. I rather be in the streets trying street food, absorbing the energy of a city, or immersing myself into another culture. Many of my best experiences in Asia have not been expensive either.

Deep Conversation

I'm also a big fan of film photography. All photographs on this website have been taken by myself with a film camera. I find that traveling with a film camera makes me really focus on the types of shots I really want. Hope you enjoy them too.